Grand Opera Thailand Academy

Goals and Objectives

"Provide opportunities and guidance to prepare students for a professional life in music"

"Develop an analytical, creative, and intuitive understanding of music as a cultural language"

"Improves students through performances"

"offer a range of the high quality academic, artistic, pre-professional, and professional programme of music"

All teachers in the academy are a very talented professional musician. And some of them have been in a famous music competition here in Thailand ( X FACTOR, THE VOICE)

The academy will using a unique and very effective teaching method that can be adapted to all kind of student.

                                                                         The company has a very strong connection to the people in a musical career


The academy can also provide a great chance

for students to perform live in front of people

which will be a great experience for them.

Apart from being a music academy, Grand Opera Thailand

is also a professional opera company based in Bangkok,

Thailand and have enjoyed unprecedented success through

sell-out performances of Opera performances, attracting

intense media interest and acclaim.

Stefan Sanchez, a founder and  CEO of Grand Opera Thailand  is an international professional opera singer, teacher, director that has toured throughout most of the Western and Eastern world for more than 30 years.

: Tel : +669 4549 1871

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"A professional opera company that also provides training and performances at home and abroad.”