Is All the World a Stage?

Reveal you in a self and Empower your life

a workshop by Stefan Sanchez (ARAM)

What can you learn from the sessions?

- You will develop expressive communication skills to help you respond with confidence, to many different situations and people.

- You will encourage your inner empathy to enable you to read non-verbal communication from your colleagues and clients.

- Learn to monitor with your "inner self" your special relationship with you and with others and understand the effect your message is having.

-Enhance your assertiveness and confidence. 

-Increase your deep listening skills.

The Workshop 


- Gesture 

- Eye Contact 

- Breathing 

- Voice (strength, tone, variety, vitality)

- Everyone can sing. Develop your speaking voice via your singing voice.

- Confidence Building

- Building Empathy 

- Developing Emotional Intelligence 

- ACTIVE Listening and reacting to what you hear and sense not what you want to say

- Feed-back test

- Using humour to illustrate a point (tell a joke from memory)

- Empowering the Imagination 

- Improvising when you need to

- Looking at situations with a new perspective

- Timing 

- Reading your audience

- Reading yourself

- Story telling 

- Soap Opera ...writing a play and acting it out

- Directing a short scene from an Opera or a play (use real singers or Backing tracks)

- Choreograph a Ballet excerpt

- Became an Opera Character (backing track-action)

- Role Play

The work is practical based and is learned by doing and then discussing. No lectures no academic work. The point of success is reached when the student learns through "visceral response" the new emotional feeling new voice, or ability to look at familiar situations with a new perspective 

Analysis does feature in the class but only in terms of feedback from the session just completed and does note encompass general theory, It should be remembered that a great deal of the literature is empirical and "borrowed" from other therapeutic disciplines. Such as Music Therapy for use with patients with disease.