'Singing without Borders' by Grand Opera Thailand will bring together young singers from ASEAN countries to sing and share cultures in a way that has never been done before. 


Comprising musical performances in ASEAN countries, showcasing culture/nation-reflective songs and with a strong voice of unity and harmony, as well as guided tours and local food sampling, the programme will provide memorable multi-cultural performances and a unique experience for every single participant. The universal language of music will provide the ideal foundation for the programme, whose success we feel sure will catapult it into becoming a well-known annual event.


In the same way that Grand Opera Thailand provides a platform for its own group of talented singers to enter into the world of international music, many of the programme's singers (selected from the music faculties of universities) will also be provided with a bridge into the world of performing music.


The programme comprises: 


1)    An ASEAN singing showcase - Voice coaching and rehearsals with Stefan Sanchez himself in Thailand and a concert tour, where all performers will visit ASEAN countries, and experience the culture of a country first hand. The concert will comprise signature songs from each country. Some concerts will be held in conjunction with major ASEAN meetings.


2)    A Press conference - To help promote bilateral ties and to spread this exciting new initiative, a press conference will be organised in Thailand, plus in other concert venue countries when applicable. The event will  provide a chance to promote Grand Opera Thailand, the event sponsors, the singers from each country, and put Thailand on the map as being the country behind this new programme.

3)    Singing Over the Border Trophy - Singers taking part will be given a Singing Over the Border Trophy after the final performance, and become a part of the Singing Over the Border network, which is strictly reserved for those involved in the programme.


Why this programme?


1)    As the ASEAN initiative draws nearer, greater over-border exposure has become more important, and what better place to start than with the universal language of music?
2)    Talent in Asia is rising, and this provides a great opportunity to tap into musical talent, while bringing it to a whole new level.
3)    Usually intra-country initiatives involve large groups of multi talents. For this programme, however, we aim to target young individuals with talent, allowing for a greater impact and a more unique experience.

Singing Without Borders